Our technology is next level!

A 7D Laser with the benefits of InfraRed

This laser reduces toxic Visceral fat.

There are 24 ways to apply this laser to losing inches.


The BEST part… It’s safe and painless, you won’t have any down time after a session. Forget about everything you’ve heard about inch loss because our laser is non-invasive. Wait! Even better your results are immediate!

You can lose up to 2” in one 20 minute session.

Our Pro-Fit Laser™ is a very affordable way to transform your body. Our laser is clinically proven and FDA cleared.

Smooth those stretch marks, get rid of your double chin, reduce that backfat or you can get rid of those moobs man. If you have cottage cheese thighs, then this laser is for you! Give yourself a little lift and remove that extra fat from the buttocks. And remove those wings hanging from your arms, no more jiggle. If you have a littlemore around the waistline than you want, we can help with that.

When you are finished with the recommend 10 to 12 sessions, the benefits of the InfraRED laser and the natural flushing of your lymphatic system, will leave you inches lighter and feeling better. Think about it, 2” is one pants size!!


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