Frequently asked questions

How Does Pro-Fit Laser™ Work?

The apidocyte fat cells are stimulated to open up. They shrink and faltten while the contents are removed by the natural metabolic prosess.

What Is A Visit Like?

Our Treatment Speciaist will measure you. You will prep by spending 10 minutes on the Whole Body Vibration Machine. You will relax on the treament table while the paddles are attached to the specific area you will be losing inches from. The Treatment Specialist will set the laser and within 15 to 20 minutes you will receive the laser treatment. Then return to the Vibration machine for another 10 minutes and then your resluts will be measured and recorded a second time.

How Do I Prepare For Treament?

* Do Not drink alcohol the day before you are scheduled * Do Not drink coffee the day of your scheduled treatment * Do Drink lots of water the days before and on the day you are scheduled * Do Not eat a big meal on the day your are schedued * Wear loose fitting clothing for your treatment * Come early to fill out all paperwork and consult with your Treatment Specialist * Be prepeared to stay 45 to 60 minutes or more the day you are scheduled

Any limitations? What Do I do during Treament Times?

Continue regular activities. Stay hydrated. We reccomend 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. Walk at least 30 minutes per day and refrain from alcohol and caffiene intake. Alcohol and caffiene tend to slow down the lympahtic process. Follow this protocal and you will have 100% succesful results from your laser treatment.

Do Pro-Fit Laser™ Treatments Hurt?

Not at all. You will feel a slitely warm sensation when the InfraRED is on.

Is there Any Down Time?

None whatsoever. Return to your regular activities right after each treatment.

Is Everyone A Good Candidte for Pro-Fit Laser™ Treatments?

Most people are good candidates. Even people who are not overwieght can lose inches. We rccomend if you have any concerns to conult your physician before scheduling a consultaion with us

Are Treatments Safe If I have Any Medical Conditions?

Yes. Conditions that you cannot have treaments are: *pregnancy and pacemaker Conditions that may cause treatment ineffectiveness are: *diabeties, chrons disease and thryroid disorders, where your metabolic system may be impaired.

How Soon Can Treatments Begin After Pregnancy?

We reccomend after your post-partum appontment with your doctor. (six weeks) Treatment is not reccomend if you are bretat feeding.

How Many Visits Does It Take?

You will see results after your vary first treatment. We reccomend at least six to 10 for maximum results. Then ongoing maintenance treatments. Treatment results vary.

Are Results Permanent?

Yes. Along with regular treatments, a healthy lifestyle and excersice, you will have long term results

How is Pro-Fit Laser™ Different From Other Non-Invasive Laser Systems?

Pro-Fit Laser™ has advanced nanometer laser technology. We are a 7D Laser. Click below to download a coomparison sheet. PRO-FIT LASER COMPARISON