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Meet Dr. Nancy

Dr. Nancy Gaines-Dillard, DNP-BC has over 23 years of varied experience in family, emergency, and acute care medicine at teaching hospitals, Level I trauma centers and tertiary facilities. She has taught at Thomas Jefferson University, Harcum College and various other educational institutions to name a few.

Dr. Nancy’s Integrative Medicine at DR. NLGD LLC Healthcare Practice has a unique perspective on healthcare modalities in that she is creative and progressive in her healthcare and education practice. She has three practice sites in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area and provides services such as Tele-Medicine (video visits), Women’s Health/Wellness, Aesthetics, Integrative Medicine and Traditional Medical Office Visits.

Her philosophy is such that she empowers her patient population by personalizing care and relationship building that improves health outcomes. She is a pioneer in her field and is dedicated to heal and educate the world, one person at a time.

Family Matters Healthcare Foundation was borne from the vision of the Executive Director, Dr. Nancy L. Gaines Dillard.

With a holistic view of the healthcare industry within the greater Phoenix, AZ metropolitan area inclusive of Maricopa County, ‘Dr. Nancy’ (as she is affectionately referred to) embarked upon a journey to make a positive impact on families residing in the community. 


The vision of the Foundation is to take an integrative approach to healthcare in the community.  By maximizing relationships with corporate foundations for funding, healthcare organizations with diversified services, community organizations, and other key stakeholders, Family Matters Healthcare Foundation is strategically positioned to make a long-term impact on the lives of the residents in the community.

She has a passionate plan to develop a strong network between trained medical professionals, eager students, and welcoming communities.

Dr. Nancy’s Medical Training Academy will develop high-quality education to all that take part in services offered and provide a skill set that is very much needed in our communities that help save lives.

She welcomes you to join her as she initiates the journey throughout the greater Phoenix metropolitan area and beyond!

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  • Medical Services

  • IV Vitamin Drips

  • Custom Health Solutions

  • DNA Customized Vitamins

  • Micro Cellular Health

  • PW Aesthetics

  • Colon Hydrotherapy


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